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LAST UPDATED September 21, 2014

In other forums I am a Tai Chi teacher and database specialist. Here I am a writer who targets a wide array of interests, platforms, and genres for my attention. I obtained my Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin. My early stint as a student reporter made it clear to me that I was not cut out for work as a daily journalist, although I have worked as a stringer for The Houston Chronicle, The Houston Press, and The Boulder City Review. Everything I learned at J-school, I use on a daily basis. Similarly I benefited from my work at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, though my experiences there led me to not want to work for government.

As a student journalist I wrote for two papers, The Daily Texan (campus paper, circulation 50,000) and the nation's next-to-last underground newspaper, The Rag. At the Texan I worked as an urban reporter, feature writer, city editor, copy editor, and editorial page editor. At the Rag, where I had more freedom, I got to handle the City Hall Beat. For almost two years I covered every City Council meeting, and a lot of public hearings. At age 19 I was appointed by Mayor Roy Butler to Austin Tomorrow, which was the first of many of Austin's efforts to start planning for the future. At age 24 the Austin City Council appointed me to its Citizens' Environmental Board, where I served with two of my professors from the LBJ School.

My first book was a college students’ statistics guide, wherein I solved all the problems in a statistics textbook and showed the students how they are solved. My recent technical submissions have been of a different kind: deep discussion and demonstration of the methods and insights of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan). In past years I have published articles in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine (KFTCM) and The Journal of Asian Martial Arts (JAMA) – not to mention my book, Tai Chi In Your Life. I am putting the finishing touches on the copy for a new Tai Chi e-book, Thirteen Postures, to accompany my DVD, The Thirteen Kinetic Movements of Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan. In 2011 I produced a CD, Tai Chi Meditations.

Tai Chi In Your Life is the beginning of a move away from writing only about martial arts. In it I describe eight principles that are central to all forms of Tai Chi Chuan, and show how the same principles can be applied to our everyday lives. The result is what I sometimes call Tai Chi Life Integration. Everyone I know has issues in their personal or professional lives that can be addressed by these principles. I solidify the teachings with a serious of exercises that help cultivate the principles. Recently I published an article on this in Choices Magazine, Tai Chi Standing for Relaxation.

My new novel, White House Storm, is in mid-production. This tome kicks off the Queen Joan trilogy, the story of the presidency of Joan Queenan. White House Storm is a political thriller about an angry general who attempts a military coup when he secretly discovers that the President has Alzheimer's. The thematic thread involves cyber warfare within the military and White House, as well as from beyond. The narrative thread involves Vice President Joan Queenan's efforts to fight the conspiracy.   White House Storm will be published by Mastersoft Media in Summer 2014.

As much as White House Storm is a high-impact, politically charged story, the sequel, Queen Joan, promises a drama with the power to change lives.

On occasion I am willing to write and research as a journalist. The best way to pique my interest is to show me how the subject relates to previous work. If you feel like you have such a subject – whether a person, place, event, thing, or idea – then feel free to contact me at dalenapierwriter@hotmail.com.

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